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Maiden Rock Apples includes a small cider apple tree nursery with a limited number of varieties and quantities. The scion wood and rootstock combinations are carefully chosen and grafted by our small team.


We at Maiden Rock Apples have made several award winning ciders and now we would like to offer everyone a chance to grow your own cider apple trees and make your own award winning cider by growing some of the varieties that we use.

Tree Varieties

All of our cider apple trees are roughly 7/8” in caliper and are sold in bundles of 5 for $125.00


*Please remember that not all varieties are the same, some grow faster or slower than others, and their growth patterns may differ.

Chisel Jery
Chisel Jersey/G.41
Growth Profile:  Slow
Flavor:  Bittersweet
Ellis Bitter Apples
Ellis Bitter/B.9
Growth Profile:  Vigorous
Flavor:  Bittersweet
Geneva Tremletts Apple
Geneva Tremletts/B.9 
Growth Profile:  Vigorous
Flavor:  Bittersweet
Kingston Black
Kingston Black/G.41
Growth Profile:  Slow
Flavor:  Bitter Sharp
Medaille d’Or Apples
Medaille d’Or/B.9
Growth Profile:  Vigorous
Flavor:  Bittersweet
Nehou Apples
Nehou/ B.9
Growth Profile:  Vigorous
Flavor:  Bittersweet
Somerset Redstreak Apples
Growth Profile:  Medium Vigour
Flavor:  Bittersweet
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Geneva 41 is a full dwarfing rootstock, it is very fire blight resistant and resistant to replant disease. G.41 has a higher yield efficiency and produces few root suckers. This is a fast growing rootstock.


Budagovsky 9 is a fast growing, full dwarfing, hardy rootstock that is resistant to apple collar rot, powdery mildew and apple scab. It is also very resistant to winter frost or damage. Bud 9 is slightly susceptible to fire blight

Scion Wood 

Maiden Rock Cider Apple Tree Nursery has cider apple scion wood for sale for grafting. 


Each stick is 10 inches in length with a diameter of 5mm-10mm (3/16” – 3/8”) or about the diameter of a pencil.

Price:  4.00 each stick, sold in bundles of 5.


Quantities Limited!  Order deadline is April 15th, 2018, and will ship no later than April 25th, 2018.


Shipping costs are 15% with a $10.00 minimum. Orders must be paid in advance.


Contact:  For more information contact Suzanne Walstrom at or 715-448-3502

Scion Wood


  •  Chisel Jersey

  •  Golden Russet

  •  Kingston Black

  •  Medaille d'Or

  •  Redfield

  •  Tremlett's Bitter*

  •  Wickson Crab


*NOTE - Maiden Rock Tremlett’s Bitter is not true to name; it is the North American bittersweet variety better called “Geneva Tremlett’s”